Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Update on Thyme soap

As promised, here is the soap less than 12 hours later. It is quite a neutral colour, the way I wanted it. The sad part is that it has lost the lovely green of the Thyme as well. But, it did get through the gel stage as is visible in the second pic. I love the speckled look. Cannot wait the 6 weeks for it to cure. 

For all those who are new to the process of soap-making, this is a cold-processed soap (CP). There is no cooking involved like in hot-process. Hence it needs at least 4-6 weeks to cure, by which time, the lye would have completely reacted with the oils, allowing the saponification to complete. Also, it will allow the excess water to evaporate, thereby leaving behind a hard, mild soap. 

Love the speckled look
Will post more pics after unmoulding...........

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