Thursday, April 11, 2013

In the fast lane

Things have been real hectic around here. And am sorry for not updating regularly. I have been at one flea market after another.....getting scorched in this unprecedented heat wave that seems to have engulfed Bangalore.........the rare intermittent rains have done nothing to help us feel better. I am so happy (surprised) at how well my products have been received. I have to say products due to my ever increasing product line........the rookie entrepreneur in me should have thought of this before coining the name Soaps By SanGi. But, what the heck, soaps will always be my first love. 

As mentioned in my last post, my butters have been received quite well. There seem to be a lot of requests for different smells. Maybe I need to add a few more to my existing line of 3 varieties of Body Butters. My Facebook page has started generating orders as well. Not to mention the increasing number of likes. Yeah.... 

Anyway, enough of trumpeting my little successes. Let me tell you what I have been upto. You guessed it.........a lot of soaping. I looooove soaping. Some of the batches I have made are
Rassoul Clay & Yogurt Soap

Milk Oatmeal & Wheatgerm Soap

Musky Cocoa Butter & Jojoba Soap
In fact, I am already out of the Musky Cocoa Butter & Jojoba Soap. I have another show coming up on Saturday and plan to introduce the Milk Oatmeal soap there......

At one of the fairs, I had a lady ask me for sugar scrubs. There was the beginning of another new product. She is yet to pick them up. But the pictures I posted on Facebook have got me orders and I have already exhausted my batch.
Minty Sugar Scrubs
I like making my sugar scrubs in single use sizes and shapes so we don't have to get our hands into the jars and ruin the entire scrub. Water can make your sugar scrubs go bad. This way you can open the jar and take just one into the bath with you.

These babies have all the goodness of Shea Butter, Olive oil, Sandalwood powder, of course, Castor sugar, and my Handmade soap...........I have tried them and they are wonderful on my excessively dry skin. Makes my skin feel like silk. I am in the process of making a fresh batch, with a little bit of difference. Shall post pictures soon.....

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