Wednesday, October 17, 2012

First attempt at Salt bars

Enough is enough........I had to try out the salt bars that I had ogled at on the net. Notwithstanding the different opinions that were out there. I would never know till I had tried it.....So, today I did my first batch. A small batch with 100 gms oils. I added 70 gms of normal every day salt. Really excited and can't wait to try them out. One month seems so loooong..........

Salt bars in moulds. Coconut, grape seed,castor 
& rice bran oils

I shall post pictures tomorrow after I unmould them. The colour in them is because I used my previously frozen carrot puree as the liquid with the lye. I have scented them with spearmint and ylang ylang(wierd combination, i know). I have superfatted them at 12% and have also added a couple of drops of almond and jojoba oil at trace. My greatest fear is not to have a soap which is suitably moisturising in the extremely dry weather we have here. So, I have learnt to be a little too cautious. My first couple of batches were with 5% SF and the familly is not very happy with the moisturizing..........

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