Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Soft Launch

I am sooooo excited..........Soaps By SanGi had its first ever public viewing last Sunday. was so nervous! It is one thing to distribute your soaps to friends and family. Quite another to showcase it to complete strangers. There was a lot of curiosity regarding the process and the ingredients etc. I enjoyed sharing my journey of soap making with all those people.

I had included some lip balms made of Beeswax too. They were quite a hit as well. Especially with the kids. 

My helper for the morning. DD

SanGi from Soaps By SanGi - Me
And, I did manage to sell a few soaps too. And lip balms. I think I can totally get used to this. Interacting with new people, selling my soap, sharing my story. Here's to new beginnings..........


  1. hello Sanglata
    I read ur page it is really nice I appreciate ur enthusiasm at this age & love for ur nice Hand made soap business. I would like to suggest my friend circle too about ur nice cool soaps, body butter, lip butter etc.

    1. Thank you, Sujata. Really appreciate it. Hope you liked the products that came in the gift hamper. You can always mail me at soapsbysangi@gmail.com