Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An update

I have another event coming up on the 3rd of March. I seem to be getting quite a few invites, thanks to my Facebook page. It pays to be out there. People do sit up and notice. I enjoyed my last event and it is a very heady feeling to know my soaps, that I have become so passionate about, are going to be exhibited to people I don't even know. I enjoyed the questions that came my way. Loved explaining my soap-making process  to complete strangers and hopefully have developed some repeat customers. Whilst it is very easy to make that initial sale to people who come to your stall out of curiosity and pick up a bar or two, the true test would be when I start getting repeat orders. Can't wait for that day........

Here are some of the soaps that I have not shared with you guys as yet. I hope you enjoy them..

Lavender Mint Soap with soap ball embeds

Yogurt & Aloe Vera Soap scented with Vanilla (hence the colour)

Coffee Creme Soap scented with Mint & Clove

Layered Milk & Sandalwood soap. Poppy seeds added for exfoliation

Confetti Soap made out of shavings of previous batches

Red Clay & Shea Butter Soap scented with Strawberry

Papaya with Milk Cream & Shea Butter. Smells lovely

Green Tea Soap with honey

Another Beer soap, this time with Kaolin Clay

Swirl Soap with Lemongrass
Soap for Dogs. Flea & Tick repellent
Yogurt & Clay Soap with a mild floral smell

Geranium & Cedarwood sample bars
I agree with all the soapers out there who swear by clay soaps. I love them too. Though, they have not completely cured as yet, I enjoy using them for my hands in the kitchen. My hands feel so soft and smooth. I can't wait to use them in the bath. 

I hope you enjoy all the photographs I have posted here. I would love any comments that you guys may have.

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