Thursday, March 7, 2013

My 2nd Flea Market

My stall at Royal Orchid, Bangalore
This was my 2nd Flea Market presence. Actually, it was my 3rd. I had another one on the 2nd of March. But that turned out a dud. Everyone was disappointed and surprised at the total lack of visitors. I left early. I heard the poor organizer had to shell out a hefty amount from her pocket to compensate for the loss she had incurred. I guess we all have our bad days.

Anyway, the one on Sunday, 3rd March was a lot of fun. I managed to do more sales and attract more visitors to my stall than the first one. That reminds me to send out those thank you mailers to all those nice folks who stopped and smelled my soap and also to those who picked a few bars up. I had one customer, who had come all the way from Dubai, United Arab Emirates and picked up 10-12 bars of soap and a couple of my Lip Butters. Hopefully, I will soon develop a profitable client base in the Middle East!

A pretty little girl was so exhausted at the Flea Market that she stopped at my stall and announced to her mom 'Can we stop now and have something to eat'. Her mom had to tell her that what I was selling was soap and not candy.........Should I take that as a compliment or.......?

Suddenly I seem to be busy with Flea Market attendance. I have one this Sunday and one the following Sunday as well. Love to meet so many new people. 

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