Thursday, September 27, 2012

Love my soaps

My current collection of soap

Well, continuing on my soap journey, let me tell you, I have not bought commercial soap/detergent in more than 3 months. And the results are phenomenal. Apart from being absolutely economical, especially when it comes to dishwashing and laundry, it has helped in a lot of other ways too. The pigmentation on my DH’s face has nearly vanished (which is pretty common on dark Indian skin), the hard dry skin on his knuckles has a lot diminished. He does not need to use moisturizer on his hands like he used. My second daughter had developed a skin allergy all over her left leg roughly 4 years ago. Multiple visits to the dermatologist and several tubes of skin ointments did not yield results. She just about gave up and sacrificed short dresses, much to the chagrin of all the boys in this city. Last week I noticed her dark spots had faded quite a bit. In fact, she had a burnt mark on her calf and that too seemed lighter. I wonder if many of the current skin ailments prevalent could well be the result of commercial soaps. Is that why doctors are forever recommending us to change our soap? Hmm... Even my laundry is looking far happier and brighter in the last couple of months. Not to mention that the clothes do not have the over-powering fragrance of detergents which often makes you sneeze. Instead, they have a lovely mix of orange, lemon and tea tree smells. Boy, am I glad soap-making found me………. 

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