Friday, September 28, 2012


So, I finally got down to buying myself a weighing scale since my first attempt at soap making gave me such a high that I knew this was to be my hobby for quite sometime to come. 

My new scale

It took me a while to find it. None of the supermarkets carried it. At least, not the ones I frequented. Nor could I find any online. Amazon had dozens of them but Amazon does not ship to India. As yet. I finally did find it in a small inconsequential supermarket very close to home. Funny. 

I liked what I read about soaps which had olive oil as one of their base oils and decided I wanted to try that out. So, fortunately for me, I came across a sale in one of the stores here which was having 50% on their stock of Pomace Olive Oil. I went out and bought myself 10 ltrs of it. And landed up paying for only 5 ltrs. I had all that I needed. Or most of all that I needed. Basically, oils, lye and essential oils. All I needed to do was make myself some SOAP...........

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